After School Performing & Fine Arts Classes

Music, Drama, Voice, Dance and Fine Arts
  • After School Performing and Fine Arts Classes

    Transportation provided with our Premium Package.
  • Performing and Fine Arts Curriculum

    Our after school Cultural, Performing and Fine Arts Classes are designed for students to explore the topics of music, fine arts, drama, dance and voice.  The structured classes are presented each afternoon with predefined lesson plans delivered by our specialty creative arts instructors. Students enrolled in our after school classes work up to special performances that showcase their achievements throughout each season.

    Our students and their families come from diverse backgrounds, many with different customs, values, traditions and origins! In addition to our themed arts classes, we teach children about community and respect for one another and to honor our differences.  Parents love the progress and performance growth they observe in their children when they attend Illumination Learning.  The benefits for our young students are profound.

    • Convenient After School Hours
    • Increased academic performance
    • Learning respect, collaboration and teamwork 
    • Learning self-expression, inclusiveness and acceptance of others
    • Learning memorization, focus, and how to receive constructive performance input
    • Understanding non-verbal queues of communication
    • Diverse exposure to various modalities in the arts
    • Gaining star-quality, ensuring kids continue to dream big

    Articles and Resources:

    1. Washington Post - Top 10 Skills Children Learn from the Arts

    2. Washington Parent - Benefits of Performing Arts for Kids

  • 2020-21 Pricing Options

    Choose individual classes or one of our two popular packages for Fall, Winter & Spring Seasons
  • Single Class

     Choose any of our cultural, performing and fine arts classes

    $60-90 a month per class, depending on class

    Package Features 

    • Flexibility in schedule and classes
    • Classes available for introductory to advanced levels
    • $35 one-time processing fee
  • Select Package

    Three afternoons per week with classes from 3:00pm-5:45pm

    $475 per month

    Package Features

    • Choose which 3-days of classes
    • Includes additional movement and creative arts projects
    • Add a day whenever needed (additional fee applies)
    • 10% off private music lessons for first three months
    • Transportation available
    • $100 Annual Registration Fee

    * As availability permits; Premium Package students have priority enrollment

  • Premium Package

    Four or five afternoons per week with classes from 3:00pm-5:45pm

    $550 per month

    Package Features (Most Popular)

    • Full week includes all of our cultural, performing and fine arts classes
    • Classes  specifically designed by age group
    • Includes daily movement and creative arts projects
    • 15% off private music lessons for the first three months
    • Automatic priority enrollment for future seasons with $100 Annual Registration Fee
    • Includes up to 25% off school year camps; 20% off summer camps
    • Includes transportation from local Seattle Public Schools*


  • *Transportation from schools. We help arrange transportation via SPS contracted school busses, ILS walking groups or ILS vans depending on the school and availability. Schools in our service area include *Adams, Cascadia, Daniel Bagley, Greenwood, Lawton, Loyal Heights, North Beach, *Salmon Bay, West Woodland, Whittier and Viewlands Elementary.

    *see special pricing for Adams & Salmon Bay Elementary due to later school release times.

  • Core Performing & Fine Arts Classes Offered

  • Fine Arts
    Our Fine Arts class introduces young students to the principles of various mediums and artistic styles presented in visual arts.  Students learn about famous and lesser known artists, their unique style, medium and overall contribution to the world of art.  Students practice imitating famous works of art while adding their own unique creative spin on new works of art.  At the end of each year, student’s present their art in gallery style, during the Phinney-Greenwood ArtWalk. 
    Music is one of the most accessible and enriching art forms for children to experience. Studies have shown that music education leads to better core learning skills, an increased IQ, higher self-esteem, as well as greater overall discipline and concentration for academic achievement.  Our music classes are presented in a fun and highly engaging way and lay the groundwork for students to pursue instrument focused private or group lessons.
    Dramatic play and theater teaches students to work in a team environment that is lively and engaging.  Students explore a broad range of performance acting, story creation, learning and creating unique parts, improvisation, character development, audition skills, crafting scenes and directing mini-performances.  Our drama classes help children find their voice, builds confidence and helps them expand their imaginations as they reach for the stars.
  • Voice
    Choral arts are an important element of any performing arts curriculum.  Voice class gives students an ear for music, creates sense of unity and community, and helps to build creative and critical thinking skills.  Children learn various elements of choir, learn fun and upbeat songs they can perform together, helps with emotional wellness.  From rock to pop, rap and children’s chorus, this is a fun way for children to come together to join forces to accomplish incredible vocal sounds together.
    Our dance class combines individual expression with choreographed movement for a truly collaborative creative environment.  Similar to our other performing arts classes, students learn about a wide range of styles, dancers choreographers and their expressive techniques.  Dance classes help students learn athleticism, self and group coordination, grace, poise, balance, fitness, flexibility and self confidence.
    All of our core performing and fine arts classes are split to accommodate more elementary learning available for K-2nd graders and more advanced technical, yet fun, classes for 3rd-5th graders. 
  • Class Schedules

    2019 - 2020 School Year

  • How to Enroll

  • Contact us for more information on our classes!

    • In the last month my husband and I have seen tremendous improvement in our son’s communication skills. He is no longer shy.

    • I love this school! This is a learning studio focusing on real learning skills and real music skills – this is not a daycare.

    • They allow the kids to find their interests and passions and help support them in whichever direction they choose. And the space is beautiful. Highly recommended!

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