Music, Performing Art, Fine Art and Yoga Movement
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    We are all about enriching, engaging, high-quality exposure in the arts
  • Performing Arts Curriculum

    We believe so strongly in the power of the arts to give children important life skills that we have infused it into all of our dynamic programs. Whether it’s our Preschool, our Before/After School or our Kids Camps – every program at Illumination Learning Studio has a cultural arts curriculum at its core. It’s why we are awesome! 

    Our students come from diverse backgrounds, many with different customs, values, traditions and origins! We celebrate this diversity and look for ways to incorporate our differences into the way we learn from each other and about the world around us. Our students love the Illumination Learning Studio arts programs for the way they bond to each other and discover their own little community within the larger community we all live and thrive in.

    Here’s why we stand behind in our enriching cultural arts focus: the benefits for young students are profound…

    • Increased academic performance
    • Learning to collaborate with others
    • Learning self-expression, inclusiveness and acceptance of others
    • Learning problem solving
    • Learning memorization, focus, and how to receive constructive input
    • Understanding non-verbal queues of communication
    • Gaining dedication and accountability for their role and actions
    • Gaining star-quality, ensuring kids continue to dream big
  • This is the right mix:

    Music, Performing Art, Fine Art and Yoga Movement

    Our arts curriculum begins with Music. Learning about music and learning to play an instrument is like learning a new language. It’s brain food; it sharpens the mind and builds confidence in children. Music also teaches children important skills necessary for spatial-temporal development that lends itself to increased interest and success in math, sciences, physics, language and reasoning. 

    Just as important, is Performing Arts – drama, voice and movement. Not only do our students have fun learning to perform, but performing in front of others builds character and social-emotional strength. The most reserved child learns to find their voice, their unique expression, and camaraderie with other kids. 

    Fine Arts and the history of some of the greatest artists to have lived. Coloring books and finger painting is fun but uninspiring. Our students get in-depth instruction in visual arts as they explore the mediums, the styles and generes and the artists who made them popular. Each year, our student’s art is presented in the annual Art Walk in May sponsored by the Phinney Neighborhood Association.

    And finally, we have Yoga Movement. Just learning fun and basic poses, in a setting that is calming and relaxing to the body helps us learn to quiet our minds, focus our thoughts, and learn to find our center. Through this discipline, children learn skills to tune out and tune in and to catch a breath, because their lives are as busy as ours.

    Specialized Team of Instructors

    We have to brag, we have very talented and caring teachers who are greatly loved by our parents and students.

    At Illumination Learning Studio we work very hard to keep our team happy and engaged in providing the best quality curriculum for our programs. Families can count on being able to develop long-term relationships with our teachers – after all, we think of ourselves as educational partners.

    Our teachers are specialized in a variety of different creative disciplines, most are university graduates who are passionate about teaching but looking for more freedom and involvement than a traditional setting would offer.

    Our teachers are the cream of the crop, bringing a wealth of education and experience and versed in providing a structured learning environment where kids grow and thrive!

    Group & Private Classes

    How to Enroll:

    • Refer to our Current Schedule of Classes
    • On the schedule, you will find individual class details and Instructor contact info
    • If you have a group, even a small one, you can often work with our team who will work with you to provide a class with a special focus or at a time desired by the group.

    Cost: Varies per instructor and class; see the current schedule of classes.

    Articles and Resources:

    1. Washington Post – Top 10 Skills Children Learn from the Arts

    2. Washington Parent – Benefits of Performing Arts for Kids

    • In the last month my husband and I have seen tremendous improvement in our son’s communication skills. He is no longer shy.

    • I love this school! This is a learning studio focusing on real learning skills and real music skills – this is not a daycare.

    • They allow the kids to find their interests and passions and help support them in whichever direction they choose. And the space is beautiful. Highly recommended!

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