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Enrichment Programs
  • Art with Ms. Marijke

    Observational Drawing (8-weeks – see dates/times below)

    Description: In this class, students will use mediums of pencil, ink, pastels and collage to hone their skills of observation. Students will draw from life and copy from historical art references. They will create an at-home art journal and have after class art assignments to complete at home. This class is ideal for budding art students who have begun to show early signs of exceptional visual sensitivity and are interested in improving their ability to draw what they see around them.  Ideal ages are 8/yrs to 12/yrs old.

    Introduction to Sculpture (8-weeks- see dates/times below)

    Description: During this class we will enter the world of 3rd dimensional art, with all of its physical challenges: form, gravity, multiple perspectives. Students will begin by making abstract foam-core structures and continue with armature and papier-mâché, coil-building with clay and found object assemblage. Students will meet at the Olympic Sculpture Park for one of our classes, to view and discuss the large-scale public works on view there. This class is ideal for builders and tinkerers who are bored with their Legos and want to learn about different methods of sculpture.  Keep in mind that while this class has a lot of fun playing with materials, it is also conceptually demanding. Students should be ready to explore more abstract themes than are typically presented in a classroom environment.  Ideal ages are 8/yrs to 12/yrs old.

    Total 8-Week Cost: $225 with a $60 materials fee

    Choose one of our weekly classes: 
      Mondays @ Piper’s Creek, 124 N 103rd Street (6:30p-7:30p) 
        Sculpture: January 13 – March 16 (No class January 20 or February 17)
        Drawing: March 23 – May 18 (No class April 13)

      Wednesdays @ Greenwood, 7720 Greenwood Ave N (6:30p-7:30p)
        Drawing: January 15 – March 18 (No class January 29 or February 19)
        Sculpture: March 25 – May 20 (No class April 15)
      Thursdays @ Ballard, 5501 8th Ave NW (6:30p-7:30p)
        Sculpture: January 16 – March 12 (No class February 20)
        Drawing: March 26 – May 21 (No class April 16)

  • Dance with Ms. Bridget

    Mission: By providing a technique-based dance education in contemporary and ballet, we aim to allow each dancer the chance to grow as an artist. Development of vocabulary, strength, physical technique, alignment, retention of choreography, familiarity with dance history, and artistry will collectively share focus through a typically-structured dance class. Given time to warm-up, practice specific skills across-the-floor, and create movement fluency in a combination each week, the dancers will increase their performance skills, physical practice, and, perhaps most importantly, confidence! 

    Ballet (12-weeks – see dates/times below)

    Description:This class will be a basic introduction to ballet technique. Each class will begin with a barre warm-up. Through repeatable barre exercises, we will gain the foundation and strength to create and perform more elaborate combinations away from the barre.  Ideal ages 8 yr/old through 12 yr/old.

      Mondays @ Piper’s Creek, 124 N 103rd Street (6:30p-7:30p) 
        Ballet: January 13 – April 20 (No class January 20, February 17, April 13)

    Total 12-Week Cost: $260 + appropriate dance attire

    Contemporary (12-weeks- see dates/times below)

    Description: This class will be a technique-based class focused on challenging the artistry of the dancers’, as well as their retention for choreography. After a structured warm-up, we will practice certain skills across-the-floor. All of these exercises will culminate in a weekly combo, a chance for each child to learn choreography from me and perform it, allowing their individual strengths to shine through.  Ideal ages 8 yr/old through 12 yr/old.

      Thursdays @ Piper’s Creek, , 124 N 103rd Street (6:30p-7:30p) 
        Contemporary: January 16 – April 9th (No classes February 20)

    Total 12-Week Cost: $260 + appropriate dance attire

  • Musical Theater with Ms. Taylor

    Musical Theater (12-weeks – see dates/times below)

    Description: ILS’s musical theatre program offers a fun and exciting environment for kids ages 7-12 to explore the process of creating a musical production. During our 12 weeks of class students will audition, develop unique characters, create props, and build set pieces. All of this work will lead up to one big performance for friends and family at the end of the 12 weeks.  This class is meant to encourage students to put themselves out there and explore their creativity. It teaches hard work, responsibility, and the importance of teamwork. Helping kids feel comfortable and confident in front of an audience helps build character, strengthens public speaking skills and improves self-esteem.  This class will end with a performance!  Ideal ages 7/yr old – 12/yr old.

      Sunday’s @ Piper’s Creek, 124 N 103rd Street (10:00a-12:00p)
        February 2 – May 2 (No class February 16, April 12)

    Total 12-Week Cost: $396

    • I have seen so many of the kids flourish with knowledge with their time at ILS; from learning music and playing the piano to beginning reading sight words for a pre-K student.

    • My 6-year old son started at Illumination in 2013 and he loves it and so do we. Molli and Mike are a great team and the studio offers music, drama, fine art, homework help and lots of movement, yoga etc. They are wonderful people who offer kind, loving instruction with clear boundaries and expectations. Highly recommended!

  • Locations:

    • Greenwood

      7720 Greenwood Ave N. Suite 101
      Seattle, WA 98103

    • Piper's Creek

      124 N. 103rd St Suite D
      Seattle, WA 98113

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