School Year Camps

K - 5th Grade (ages 5 - 11)
  • 2019-20 School Year Camps

    Program Overview
  • School Year Camps

    Upcoming Camps:

    At Illumination Learning Studio, we provide camps through-out the school year for students currently enrolled in our Cultural Arts Classes as well as for students who are not enrolled in our programs. Camps are a great way for new students to experience our cultural arts, performing and creative arts classes at ILS.

    School Year Camps run from 9:00-4:00 with options to extend before and after camp.  The following is a list of our School Year Camps for 2019-2020:

    • October 11 – SPS Teachers Work Day
      Nordic Adventures Camp
    • November 25 - 27 – SPS Conferences
      (No after camp available on Nov. 27)
      Young Authors Camp
    • December 23 Winter Holiday
      (Greenwood Campus only)
      Holiday Craft Camp
    • December 26-27 – Winter Holiday
      (Greenwood Campus only)
      Forensics Camp
    • December 30-31 – Winter Holiday
      (Greenwood Campus only. No after camp available on Dec. 31)
      Photography Camp
    • January 2-3 – Winter Holiday
      (Greenwood Campus only)
      iMovie Film Camp
    • January 20 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day
      (Greenwood Campus only)
      Jurassic Camp
    • February 17 - 21 – President's/ Mid-Winter
      (Greenwood Campus Only / Additional $10 field trip fee)
      Science Camp
    • April 13 - 17 – Spring Break Camp
      (Greenwood Campus Only / Additional $10 field trip fee)
      Aviators (The Sky is the Limit) Camp

    For Registration Questions, Email

    Camp space is limited and available on a first come, first serve basis.

    School-Year Camps are run from our Greenwood location at 7720 Greenwood Ave N.

  • School Year Camp Rates:

    $25.00 Non-refundable deposit per day due at time of registration
    • ILS Student Rates* (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
    • One-Day Camp Rate
    • Week-long Camp Option: 3-Day Rate
    • Week-long Camp Option: 5-Day Rate
    • Before Camp (starts at 8:00 am)
      $15/per day
    • After Camp (4:00 to 6:00 pm)

    *ILS Student Rates available for Current ILS Students only, when registered 5-days prior to camp start date.

    Additional $10 field trip fee required for Jan. 28, Feb. 17-21, and Apr. 13-17 camps.

    • Non-ILS Student Rates (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
    • One-Day Camp Rate
    • Week-long Camp Option: 3 Day Rate
    • Week-long Camp Option: 5-Day Rate
    • Before Camp (starts at 8:00 am)
      $20/per day
    • After Camp (4:00 to 6:00 pm)
      $30/per day
    • As parents we strive daily to make decisions for our kids that will allow them to become successful in life and hope we are doing the right thing. Starting our 3 year old in the ILS pre-school program this year was one of those decisions and since he started, everyday we are reminded it is one of the best decisions we could have ever made.

    • My 3 1/2 yr old who just after a short time going excels in letter recognition and their sounds, words in Spanish, addition and subtraction.

    • I have seen so many of the kids flourish with knowledge with their time at ILS; from learning music and playing the piano to beginning reading sight words for a pre-K student.

  • Locations:

    Illumination Learning Studio is happy to offer camps at these locations:
    • Greenwood

      7720 Greenwood Ave N. Suite 101
      Seattle, WA 98103

    • Ballard

      5501 8th Ave NW
      Seattle, WA 98107

    • Locks

      2821 NW Market St. Suite B
      Seattle, WA 98107

    • Piper's Creek

      124 N. 103rd St Suite D
      Seattle, WA 98113