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  • Engaging young minds through interactive learning, music and arts

    About Illumination Learning Studio

  • It is our sole mission to engage and enlighten young minds through our interactive learning, music and arts programs. We are not in the business of childcare, we are in the business of educating school-age children by presenting a compelling cultural, performing and fine arts curriculum which includes instruction in music, drama, voice, art, yoga and language. We opened our first learning studio concept in the Greenwood/Phinney Ridge neighborhood in April 2013, and our second location in Ballard just two years later in April 2015. In September 2016 we opened our third and fourth sites at the Ballard Locks and at Piper’s Creek off Holman Road.

    As educators, our goal is to build strong and lasting relationships with parents and children in the communities we live in and teach. We understand families have many choices for programs competing for their business, but where we stand apart is through our educational, creative and interactive approach to learning. Our programs offer an exceptional mix of cultural arts and academic based-learning to benefit a child in their social and educational development. Our classes are registration based in order that we may form an impressionable relationship that will increase a child’s passion for learning to carry them for many years to come.

    Community is very important to us. We are members of the Phinney Neighborhood Association and serve on the small business advisory board; and also the Ballard Alliance of Businesses.  We are very active in Ballard, Greenwood, Greenlake and our North Seattle communities.  These days, it seems everything is about “local” (eat local, buy local)…well, we are about learning local.  Seattle is a unique place, with lots of innovation lead by highly educated adults – – we want the same for our children here. We are an independent family business, employing many specialty arts instructors who develop our unique cultural, performing and fine arts curriculum to inspire our students.

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  • Our Founders

    • CM Piper
      Business Director & Co-Founder

      CM Piper

      Business Director & Co-Founder

      Piper supports our team of educators with his vision of being the number one provider of high-quality cultural arts and education programs for children in Seattle. He brings the business acumen and sets high standards of service and quality that is critical to our mission. He is responsible for refining the success of our business and parent-teacher-student relations.

    • Mike and Molli Piper
      Mike: Co-Founder, Molli: Program Director & Co-Founder

      Mike and Molli Piper

      Mike: Co-Founder, Molli: Program Director & Co-Founder

      Co-Founder, Mike Piper has spent a lifetime immersed in music – beginning to play at the early age of three. Over the years he has trained in a variety of musical instruments, with a primary focus on piano. Mr. Mike, as his students call him, holds a degree in early childhood education and music. He spent his early years performing in the Chicago band, State Street.  In 1996, Mike began working as a Music and Cultural Instructor for the Chicago Parks District. At the beginning of his 17-year tenure, he started with just one upright piano and 20 students. He expanded and grew the program spanning multiple parks, with multiple piano labs, teaching music exploration through movement and offering private instruction to accommodate 240 students a term.

      Mr. Mike became a local legend in his community parks in Chicago. He is one of those teachers who leaves a lasting impression, and one who has made a positive difference in his student’s lives.

      Co-founder and Program Director, Molli Piper holds a Type-04 Early Childhood Teaching Certificate. Molli’s philosophy is that Early Childhood teachers lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning. For over seven years, Ms. Molli taught in the Chicago, students ranging from pre-school to third grade. The Early Childhood curriculum she has refined, in accordance with The Early Childhood Learning State Goals and Standards, has influenced advanced reading, writing, math and language skills in her young preschool aged students.

      Ms. Molli’s teaching strategy is to provide children with hands-on, engaging learning experiences, that serve to challenge students to use their “higher order” thinking skills. Through experience, she has found that using this strategy helps children achieve confidence and to acquire a passion for knowledge. Ms. Molli uses an inspiring approach in the way that she teaches and leads her teams.

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