Summer Camps

K-5th Grade (Ages 5-11)
  • Summer Adventure Camps

    Registration for 2022 Summer Camps will be opening February 1, 2022!

  • Summer Adventure Camps

    Spend the summer with Illumination Learning Studio, making friends and memories to last a lifetime.  Whether families need a one-week summertime adventure, a month, or the whole summer break; our camps are fun and educational for kids, while convenient and affordable for parents. Our adventure themed camps give kids plenty of performing arts and outdoor activities, while also keeping the enthusiasm and momentum for learning alive during the long summer break! Each themed adventure camp includes themed field-trips, engaging lessons, outdoor play time and weekly visits to play in the water, either at our local beaches or water spray parks.


    • Programs run Monday-Friday from 9:00am-4:00pm
    • COVID-19 Safety Measures and Procedures
    • Options to extend camp time with: Before Camp (8:00-9:00am) and After Camp (4:00-6:00pm)
    • Option to add weekly music lessons at summer rate
    • Small Camp Sizes with low Student to Camp Leader Ratio (10:1)
    • Each Camper gets a Summer Adventure Camp T-shirt
  • Thank you for another great summer! The 2021 Summer Camp Season is now closed for registration.

  • COVID-19 Safety Procedures and Guidelines

    New Summer Camp COVID-19 Prevention Measures
  • 2021 Summer Camps by Location

    Choose desired weeks of camp, location and theme, then register at the bottom of this page.

  • 2021 Summer Camp Descriptions

    All camps include field trips, outdoor play time and weekly visits to the beach or spray park. (pending government regulations and ILS van transportation)
    1. Return to Hogwarts: All young Witches and Wizards are hereby invited to Return to Hogwarts for a week filled with enchanting lessons and magical adventures. Students will be sorted into the 4 Hogwarts houses and learn all about potions, charms, spells, and magical mythical creatures! Our Witches and Wizards will play their very own game of quidditch and even compete in ILS’s very own Triwizard Tournament. Witches and Wizards will be visited by a special guest, so all campers can experience the magic of a magician.
      Greenwood: Week 8 - 8/9       Ballard: Week 1 - 6/21
    2. Musical: Mary Poppins: Practically perfect in every way! This year, campers will star in their own version of Mary Poppins. Young actors will act, sing, and dance in this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious musical, while also learning about what goes on behind the scenes in set building, tech, costuming, and makeup. Culminating at the end of the week, a videotaped performance will be hosted at the United Methodist Church, followed by a cast party!
      *A video recording will be available to families in late August.
      Ballard: Week 7 - 8/2
    3. POP! Art: Campers will be learning about the history of the POP art movement as well as famous POP artists. Our young Artists will learn 2 forms of printmaking and create work that is similar to how Andy Warhol created his prints. The campers will learn how to create prints by making their own screens and use handmade stencils for screen printing. Additionally, campers will learn how to carve images into Styrofoam to create stamps.
      Greenwood: Week 3 - 7/5      Ballard: Week 8 - 8/9
    4. Once Upon A Dance: Through an exploration of dance styles around the world, campers will learn the ins-and-outs of telling a story through movement. Each day, we will look at a different style of dance, the types of stories they typically tell, and how they approach narrative through dance.
      Greenwood: Week 5 - 7/19      Ballard: Week 10 - 8/23
    5. One With The Force: The Jedi need your help! Travel to a galaxy far, far away to train as a Jedi and explore the expansive world of Star Wars. The young Jedi Knights will spend the week exploring planets, building their own droids, and meeting different alien species. They will study the ways of the force learning about past Jedi and Sith masters and how they create the weapon of a force wielder: the light saber. To finalize their training as a true force wielder, young Jedi Knights will get the opportunity to create their own lightsaber. This camp wouldn’t be complete without a visit from the Jet City Saber Guild or Foam Sword Party.
      Greenwood: Week 10 - 8/23      Ballard: Week 4 - 7/12
    6. From Trash To Treasure: In this camp our Artists will be learning how to create artwork by using everyday objects found outside or around the house. We will learn how to be creative through resourcefulness! Campers will learn about artists who use found objects to create work and what different techniques are used. We will be using random household objects such as cookware, buttons, string, cans, etc. We will spend time exploring the great outdoors and seeing what we can find to work with, such as: rocks, sticks, plants, and soil. 
      Greenwood: Week 1 -  6/21      Ballard: Week 5 - 7/19
    7. All The World's A Stage: Our young Shakespearians will spend this camp learning all about Shakespeare. Good vs Evil, conflict and comedies, Shakespeare was and is still one of the most popular playwrights in western history. In an age appropriate way, our young Shakespearians will explore the unique themes and language he created in his stories and use them as a guide to create their own Shakespeare themed performance. The final performance will be recorded for friends and family.
      Greenwood: Week 6 - 7/26      Ballard: Week 3 - 7/5     
    8. Clay Creations: Campers will have the opportunity to learn how to work with ceramic clay by building pinch pots and coil pots. Our artists will get to paint their pieces with underglaze. We will go on an amazing tour of a local ceramics studio where they will learn about the process of how the pieces they create go from wet clay to fully functional or decorative pieces through glazing and firing. Artists will be able to create 2-3 small pieces and will be able to pick up their work 1 week after camp ends.
      Greenwood: Week 7 - 8/2      Ballard: Week 2 - 6/28
    9. Dance Here, Dance There: Dance Here, There or Anywhere! Campers will spend the week learning about, viewing examples of, and creating site-specific dance - dances that do not occur on a stage and are influenced by their surroundings. Working in solos, duets, and trios, the campers will create new site-specific pieces each day, making choices based on their unique location. We will ask ourselves, “How did our location affect the choices we made? How would our dance change if we performed it in a separate place or on a stage?”
      Greenwood: Week 9 - 8/16      Ballard: Week 6 - 7/26
    10. Young Play Writers: Calling all Play Writers! Our young Play Writers will work individually and in groups to create some of their own short plays, crafting unique stories that will captivate audiences from beginning to the end. Our Young Play Writers will spend time learning the elements of plot, character, theme, language and more! As a special treat, campers can also expect a visit from the improv group Comedy Sportz for an afternoon of fun. At the end of the week, campers will get to debut their finalized pieces through a staged reading that will be recorded for family and friends.
      Greenwood: Week 2 - 6/28      Ballard: Week 9 - 8/16
    11. Lego Adventures: Before you wreck-it, you have to build it, and our Lego Adventurers will do just that! Join in on a week of Lego building, construction challenges, and team designing. Lego Adventurers will learn the history of Legos, architecture, how buildings are constructed, and of course, demolition! The campers will take a field trip to play at Wunderkind’s Lego play-space.
      Greenwood: Week 4 - 7/12      
  • 2021 Summer Camp Rates

    Full-Day Summer Adventure Camps - Weekly Rates
    • Currently Enrolled ILS Student
      (After School Arts, Music, Pre-K) Pricing
      Weekly Rates and Options:
    • Non-Refundable Camp Deposit
      $25 (due at registration)
    • Balance due 14-days prior to camp
    • Total Cost for 9:00am - 4:00pm
    • Before/After Camp Options:
    • Before Camp 8:00-9:00am
    • After Camp 4:00-6:00pm
    • * Camp Field Trip/Material Fee (Included):
    • New/Returning Student Pricing
      Weekly Rates and Options
    • Non-Refundable Camp Deposit
      $75 (due at registration)
    • Balance due 14-days prior to camp
    • Total Cost for 9:00am - 4:00pm
    • Before/After Camp Options
    • Before Camp 8:00am-9:00am
    • After Camp 4:00-6:00pm
    • * Camp Field Trip/Material Fee (Included):


    First time enrollment at Illumination Learning Studio requires a one-time $35 registration fee.

    Field Trips are pending due to Government regulations and ILS van transportation. 

    Payment in-full is due at the latest, 14-days prior to the start of each camp registered for.  No refunds will be made within a 14-day window of when camp begins and all camp deposits are non-refundable (please review our COVID-19 Response updated refund policies).  

    Questions about registration?  Please email our Business Office Administrator at

    • My kids have attended ILS for Pre-K, Kindergarten, and summer camps, and every single day, they go to school excited to learn and engage and come home happy, energized, and eager to share everything they’ve absorbed during the day. With the upheaval of the last year, ILS has provided stability for my kids, first online, and then in person, with their creative, dynamic programming (like Harry Potter summer camp!), and it has given our whole family so much comfort. I am so grateful to have found ILS for my kids!

      Shayne A.
    • ILS has provided wonderful after school enrichment for my children for the past 3 years, in addition to wonderful summer camps. During COVID, they have ensured safety with strict enforcement of health policies. I love that my daughter can still have some “fun” during these difficult times.

      Danae N.
    • ILS is the highlight of my 7-year-old daughter’s day. She’s built strong friendships, loves her teachers and most importantly, really loves the programming. She comes home every day excited to share the art she’s created or tell us about a new skill she’s learned. We highly recommend ILS. It is filling a need for our daughter that isn’t filled during her school day. Thank you, ILS!

      Kelly D.
  • Locations:

    Illumination Learning Studio is happy to offer camps at these locations:
    • Greenwood

      7720 Greenwood Ave N. Suite 101
      Seattle, WA 98103

    • Ballard

      5501 8th Ave NW
      Seattle, WA 98107