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  • Thank you for another great year! School Year Camps for the 2022-23 School Year will be announced in September. Please join our email list if you’d like to receive information on next year’s themes. 



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    At Illumination Learning Studio, we provide camps through-out the school year for students currently enrolled in our Cultural Arts Classes as well as for students who are not enrolled in our programs. Camps are a great way for new students to experience our cultural arts, performing and creative arts classes at ILS.

    School Year Camps run from 9:00-4:00pm, with options to extend Before and After camp.  The following is a list of our School Year Camps for the current season:


  • Upcoming Camps: 2022-23 School Year

    October 14 (In Service Day):
    Pallet Town – Level Up!


    Traveling from Pallet Town to Wyndon, learn about the evolutions of your favorite characters, from trading cards, video games, tv shows and mobile apps, and create your personalized trading card.


    2021-22 School Year Camps


    October 8 (SPS Teacher’s Work Day):
    Return to Hogwarts 


    Young witches and wizards are invited to attend our Return to Hogwarts camp. Our young magical friends will be sorted into their Hogwarts House and assigned a wand to decorate and personalize. At the park, our campers will get to participate in multiple games of quidditch before finishing their day creating their own magical potions with various magical ingredients. We look forward to seeing your young witch or wizard at our magical camp.

    November 22-24 (Thanksgiving Break):
    Music Video Dance Camp

    In this 3-day camp, kids will learn about what goes into making a small-scale music video focusing on dance and choreography. We will have choreography prepared for the kids to learn, as well as a list of potential filming locations within walking distance. Day 1 will be focused on generating ideas and beginning rehearsals (i.e. what sort of images does the song bring to mind that could be shown on B Roll? Which location matches what we’re going for?). Day 2 will be a heavy rehearsal day for the choreography, a day to discuss costuming,  capture B Roll, and a run-through at our filming location. Day 3 will be for filming and an introduction to video editing, that can be started during camp, finished and emailed to the parents after the camp ends.

    January 17 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day):
    Lego Adventures

    Before you wreck-it, you have to build it, and our Lego Adventures camp will have your camper doing just that! Join us on a day full of brick building, construction challenges and team designing. Lego Adventurers will learn the history of Legos, architecture, how buildings and Brick cities are constructed and, of course, demolition!


    February 21-25 (Mid-Winter Break):
    Exploring Abstract Expressionism

    Come roll up your sleeves and get ready to paint in wild, expressive strokes! Impress your friends with your art and knowledge about some of the most influential and infamous painters of all time! This week-long camp will cover famous expressionist painters Mark Rothko, Basquiat, Wassily Kandinsky, Jackson Pollock and his wife, lesser known expressionist Lee Krasner. Students will learn about the history of the artists within this exciting and dynamic movement; learn about color theory, line, and get the opportunity to create their own paintings on canvas inspired by a featured artist’s work. Students will learn some art history, how to express themselves through nonrepresentational and abstracted works of art, and have fun with paint while allowing themselves to freely create. This is a great chance to get kids excited about putting their energy and identity into art, and create an abstract masterpiece on canvas to be treasured for years to come.


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    April 11-15 (Spring Break):
    Decades Camp

    Dressing up each day in period-attire is ENCOURAGED. During this week we’ll explore the artistic, historic and cultural contributions of the 1930s, 1950s, 1970s, 1990s. Time-travelers will learn various art forms, dance styles and fashion.

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    Full-Day School Year Camps - Weekly Rates
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    • Before Camp: (starts at 8:00am)
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    • Non-ILS Student Rates (9am to 4pm)
    • 1 to 2 Day Camp Rate
    • Week-long Camp Option: 3 to 4 Day Rate
    • Week-long Camp Option: 5-day Rate
    • Before Camp: (starts at 8:00am)
    • After Camp: (4:00 to 6:00pm)
  • *ILS Student Rates available for Current ILS Students only, when registered 5-days prior to camp start date. 

    Note: First Time enrollment at Illumination Learning Studio requires a one-time $35 registration fee. Inclusive of the daily camp fee is a $25 non-refundable camp deposit due at registration. 

    While the $25 deposit portion of your camp fee is non-refundable, you can make changes to your child’s camp registration up until 14 days prior to the camp’s start date. There are no refunds or re-applications of payment/credit within 14 days of camp, once payment has been processed. Written notice via email is required for any cancellations.

    Questions about registration?  Please email our Business Office Administrator at

  • COVID-19 Safety Procedures and Guidelines

    School Year Camp COVID-19 Prevention Measures
    • ILS has provided wonderful after school enrichment for my children for the past 3 years, in addition to wonderful summer camps. During COVID, they have ensured safety with strict enforcement of health policies. I love that my daughter can still have some “fun” during these difficult times.

      Danae N.
    • My kids have attended ILS for Pre-K, Kindergarten, and summer camps, and every single day, they go to school excited to learn and engage and come home happy, energized, and eager to share everything they’ve absorbed during the day. With the upheaval of the last year, ILS has provided stability for my kids, first online, and then in person, with their creative, dynamic programming (like Harry Potter summer camp!), and it has given our whole family so much comfort. I am so grateful to have found ILS for my kids!

      Shayne A.
    • Our now 7-year-old has loved every minute of ILS whether it be preschool, after school care or summer camp programs. The staff have treated us like family. I highly recommend ILS for introducing children to the benefits and fun of performing arts.

      Kari J.
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