What's your Earth Day tradition?

April 22, 2021

Does your family have an Earth Day tradition?

I remember Earth Day mornings as a child spent picking up trash at our local forest preserve. As I got older, the tradition changed to monthly beach cleanups, tallying and weighing the staggering amount of discarded items we collected. 

As adults today, we have many opportunities to “go green” – from high-tech home energy savers and eco-friendly commute choices, to making concerted efforts to live a more zero waste life.

Scroll through Pinterest and you’ll find a variety of ways to mend, repair and repurpose items that would otherwise be thrown away. As a fun way to engage our tiny eco warriors, ILS’ Ms. Ashley will be leading this year’s summer camp week, From Trash to Treasure.

Learn more about ILS’ 2021 summer camps


Coming to Greenwood in week 1 (June 21), and Ballard in week 5 (July 19), our Artists will be learning how to create artwork by using everyday objects found outside or around the house. Campers will discover artists who use found objects to create work and learn what different techniques are used. Our masterpieces will combine random household objects (such as cookware, buttons, string, cans, etc.) with natural items (such as: rocks, sticks, plants, and soil) found while exploring the great outdoors.