COVID-19 Response

  • COVID-19 Safety Procedures and Guidelines

    New Summer Camp COVID-19 Prevention Measures
  • Student and staff safety remains a top priority at ILS, as we make plans to run our Adventure Camps at our studios this summer. The following information will address how we are working to provide increased safety measures this summer and how we have adjusted our refund policies for the 2020 Summer Camp season. All safety measures are subject to change based on health authority and government recommendations in the coming weeks. 

    We are looking forward to another fun-filled summer together and remain hopeful that King County will allow summer camp activities. Illumination Learning is committed to remain in frequent communication with our families as Summer draws nearer. 

  • Increased Camp Safety Measures for Summer 2020 Season

  • Limited Access to ILS Studios

    Pick-Up and Drop-Off will occur outside of our studios, where an ILS Staff member will meet families to sign in and health check each student before they are allowed inside. To limit the number of people coming and going from our studios, no parents or adults, other than ILS Staff will be allowed inside.

    Camp Enrollment Limit

    Camps will be limited to 32 students per studio at Greenwood and Locks locations and 20 students at our Ballard location. We will be utilizing our space differently to maintain separation of smaller groups of students whenever possible.

    Daily Facility Cleaning

    In addition to nightly sanitation and cleaning, when students are offsite, our studio’s high-traffic areas (including bathrooms, surfaces, door knobs, tables, supplies, cubbies, etc.) will be cleaned and sanitized.

    ILS Van Transport Safety Procedures

    • Van surfaces, seatbelts and booster seats will be cleaned and sanitized daily.
    • Students and team members will thoroughly hand-sanitize prior to entering the vans.
    • Students and team members will travel in the same groups, in the same Van each time they travel to and from our studios.
    • A protective barrier will be placed between the driver and passengers.

  • New Health Checks (Drop-off Procedure)

    An ILS Staff Member will greet students at the entrance of our Studios. If multiple students arrive at once, families will be instructed to form a line outside, maintaining the recommended 6-foot distancing. Masks worn outside are also encouraged. Our new student health checks will include the following:

    1. No-Touch Temperature Check: Any student with a temperature above 100.4 degrees will not be admitted to camp.
    2. No Known Exposure Attestation: Students and parents will verbally attest to having no known exposure to any persons exhibiting symptoms of illness within the past 14 days.
    3. Symptom Check: With the parent present, verbal confirmation will be given each day by students at the time of entry that they have not had a fever, cough, or shortness of breath in past 2-days.
    4. Sanitization: Students will thoroughly hand-sanitize before entering the studio with spray sanitizer provided by our staff.
    5. Student Health Log: Student’s temperature readings and parent/student attestation to non-exposure to illness will be recorded in the student’s health log maintained by our team each day.

    Note: Without exception, any child exhibiting symptoms or complaining of not feeling well, will not be allowed entry to camp. If at any point in the day a child complains of or exhibits symptoms listed in our student health check, they will be isolated from the camp and parents will be notified to pick-up immediately.

    Mid-Day and At Pick-up Temperature Check

    Students will have their temperatures checked and recorded mid-day and again at pick up.

    Daily Staff Health Checks

    The same no-contact temperature check and attestation of exposure and symptoms will be recorded for each ILS staff member on a daily basis.

  • Updated Reapplication and Refund Policies

    • Cancellation Due to ILS COVID-19 Closure: If an ILS Summer Camp week is canceled due to State regulations regarding COVID-19, ALL camp charges will be directly refunded for the week canceled. ILS will make camp cancellation decisions based on State guidance provided under the Governor’s order and will alert families to a canceled camp week prior to the start of camp.
    • Cancellation Due to Illness/ Exposure: If a student or family member begins to exhibit signs of illness, or your family has been exposed to COVID-19, you may reapply camp charges to ANY future ILS Camp Week or other ILS program, provided the family has isolated and can attest to quarantining and has shown no signs of symptoms for a minimum of 2-weeks. Reapplication of camp tuition is allowed even after the week of camp has started; refunds will be considered on a case by case basis.
    • Camp Changes or Cancellations for other Reasons: Camp enrollment may be changed or cancelled up to 6-days prior to the start of camp; if cancelled all tuition excluding the non-refundable deposit will be refunded. Changes to camp enrollment or cancellation requests made 5 or fewer days before the camp’s start date will have camp tuition reapplied to a future week, with a $25.00 last minute change fee.

    In accordance with our policies, the non-refundable deposit will remain non-refundable in all cases, except when ILS cancels a camp due to COVID-19 closures. The non-refundable deposit remains due to the limited number of spots we have available in our camps and our need to coordinate enrollments and adequate staffing of our camps.

  • Parent Q&A for COVID-19 Measures

    Should I Send My Kids to Camp this Summer?

    Feelings of isolation and lack of social normalcy have greatly impacted our children’s sense of belonging and well-being. However safely possible, they need to be able to re-establish routines, engage socially with their peers and be able to be creative and express themselves positively while enjoying the summer.

    The safety measures and protocols we will be following mirror Seattle and King County Public Health information to minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure. The steps we are taking are intended to keep everyone safe, give families a higher degree of confidence that all campers and staff members are being vetted in the same way and that all families are attesting daily to no-known exposure to the COVID-19 virus for themselves or their immediate families members.

    Each of our camps locations will be limited to a maximum of 32-students and we will be utilizing our space differently to maintain separation of smaller groups of students. However, students will not be practicing distancing once admitted to the camp nor will students or staff be required to wear face-masks due CDC guidelines and the fact we are implementing frequent temperature checks, health check-ins and frequent hand washing and sanitizing of our Studios.

    Will Children Be Playing on Public Park Play Equipment?

    When outdoors, we will be utilizing wide open spaces offering fresh air and space for us to move freely, play group games and have fun together. In order to minimize exposures, we will not be playing on playground equipment until State officials reopen these spaces for public use. Once it has been determined it is safe to utilize playground equipment, we will allow camp students to use playground equipment, with diligent hand sanitizing before and after play and before and after snacks or meals.

    Will Planned Field Trips Occur?

    Our plans for field trips this summer will be re-evaluated based on guidance provided by the State for our County, as well as whether or not field trip locations are open and practicing safety measures aligned with our own. If field trips cancel, we will notify families of the changes. We will ensure that plenty of time is spent outside of our studios each day, utilizing local parks and areas where we can maintain distance from others not in our camps. When outside, campers will be split into smaller groups lead by individual ILS Staff members.

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