Coming To Ballard This Fall: Illumineers Preschool

April 04, 2019

Illumination Learning Studio’s Illumineers Preschool is expanding in Ballard next fall! Greenwood’s Illumineers Preschool is in its sixth year of providing toddlers (ages 2-3) a loving and art-rich experience. Now, the preschool is extending that same half-day, morning program in Ballard. And Ballard, with its tremendous growth in the past 8 years is a perfect setting for Illumineers Preschool expansion. According to a Seattle Times report by Gene Balk, since 2010, Central Ballard grew 54.1 percent in population. Ballard parents will now have a needed and educational pre-school option right on NW Market Street!

Illumineers Preschool is the ideal environment for toddlers to explore, discover, play, and learn. The curriculum and staff inspire each child’s love of learning and exploration. Director Molli Piper (known as Ms. Molli) and her team have developed an exceptional early learning environment. “Our integrated arts curriculum uses singing, learning music, dance, drama, Spanish, and yoga to support early childhood development,” says Ms. Molli. Young students experience joy and fun, while engaging in creative, hands-on, concrete learning. Ms. Molli says “These early years are the most critical for important learning behaviors and knowledge, while encouraging a child’s love for learning and exploring.”

Illumination Learning Studio opened its first Illumineers Preschool in Greenwood in 2013. The school’s goal was to help pre-K childhood learners (4 and 5-year-olds) develop readiness skills needed for kindergarten. In 2016, Illumineers Preschool opened a second Illumineers, this one a half-day preschool for 2 and 3-year-old learners. Graduates from the Illumineers Preschool then transitioned into the pre-K Illumineers program.

Certified Early Childhood Educator, Molli Piper designs Illumineers Preschool as a daily learning base:

“A half-day preschool like ours with true learning objectives and an arts focus is ideal for this age group. It allows children to have a ‘grown-up kid’ experience of school each day and then spend their afternoons exploring the world outside, applying what they have learned in school.”

Parents love the program. “Both of our kids went through the Illumineers Preschool and Pre-K programs, and we have seen tremendous growth now that they are in elementary school,” comments an Illumineers’ parent. “The staff and team are so caring, and they beyond-prepared my child for school.”

The new Illumineers Preschool will be located inside Illumination Learning Studio at 2821 NW Market Street. (Next door to Portage Bay Café near the Locks.) The preschool will run from September to July each year, holding fun half-day camps in August. The school offers a 3 or 5-day enrollment option.

If you would like to visit the Illumination Preschool, an Open House will be held Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. RSVP only please.

Illumination Learning Studio is currently accepting enrollment for Fall 2019. For a private tour, please reach out to Ms. Molli at

Founded in Seattle in 2013, Illumination Learning Studio and Illumineers Preschol & Pre-K is a private cultural, performing and fine arts school started by husband and wife, Michael and Molli Piper, with oldest son CM Piper. The family has a background in early learning education, music and arts. Their company also runs afterschool arts classes, private music and art classes as well as school-year and summer break camps. The owners play an active role in their community, helping organize many well-known community events put on by the Phinney Neighborhood Association and the Ballard Alliance of Small Businesses.

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