International Dance Day - April 29th

April 29, 2021

It’s international dance day! How we jive, shimmy, moonwalk, or floss is how we engage with music and express ourselves artistically through movement.  

Dancing has a powerful impact on our health – mind and body! But it also helps us socialize, build both team and leadership skills, and become self-disciplined. Think chores, parents! 😊 If you’re interested in the non-physical benefits of dance on kids, check out this article. 

At ILS, Ms. Bridget has been teaching our afterschool dance program for two years. Under her skillful instruction, our ILS dancers explore shapes, pathways, levels, and locomotor vs non-locomotor movements. Ms. Bridget has taught court dances, middle-eastern folk dances, lion/dragon dance, butoh, and vaganova ballet. Most importantly our ILS dancers are building confidence and making friends, all while moving their bodies!   

Here are some fun International Dance Day activities.  
Read: Boogie Monster
by Josie Bissett – watch video
Dance: Do the Brain Dance with Ms. Bridget – watch video 

Remember with dancing there’s no right or wrong. Let your boogie monster loose today!  


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