Preschool Tool Kit: Making sure your child has a successful start to Preschool. 

August 29, 2022

In a few short weeks the new school year will begin, and many of our youngest students will have their first day of preschool! It can be an emotional time for your kiddo, and probably for you too. So to prepare your family for this major milestone, our Early Education team has compiled some helpful tips to make sure your child’s first day is a great one!

Tip 1: Build the excitement for school!  Talk about making new friends, and things they will do at school each day.

Tip 2: Pick out a special backpack 🎒, snack containers and water bottle. Talk about what kind of yummy snacks should go inside. (Insider tip: Snack time is one of the most popular parts of the day. Children enjoy eating and socializing with each other.)

Tip 3: Whether you’re buying new or gently used, or have great finds from your local Buy Nothing group, go “shopping” for kiddo’s special school clothes and shoes. Kids love to talk about clothes and accessories!  

Tip 4: Help your kiddo get a good night sleep! Have a good night-time routine and remember to share a bedtime story.

Tip 5: Allow plenty of time for your child to dress and eat in the morning, and make sure they have their backpacks 🎒 ready!

Tip 6: Have the before school pep talk to build the excitement. Have a drop off routine prepared that allows plenty of time for extra hugs and words of encouragement.  

Tip 7: Be on time for pick up. Your child will have so much to share with you and they need to feel confident that when they are ready for home you will be there waiting so allow time for traffic.  

Wishing your little ones an amazing and successful start to their schooling!