Clay Creations

This exclusive camp for kids aged 7+ offers teaches campers how to work with real ceramic clay. Our artists will create pottery pieces and decorate their work with underglaze. We will go on an amazing tour of a local ceramics studio where they will learn how ceramic work is transformed through the process of glazing and firing. Artists will be able to create 2-3 small pieces. Artwork will be bisque fired, dipped in clear glaze and fired again at the end of camp, ready for pickup after approximately 2-weeks.

Mastering the art of ceramics can be very challenging and takes years of practice. Please be aware that it is common for new ceramic artists to face issues that can result in cracking and/or breakage in the kiln. But no need to worry! That’s how we learn and why we will be making more than one piece. We will all be praying to the kiln gods that everything comes out in one piece!