Germs Make Me Sick!

January 24, 2020
  • Teaching Your Child How to Keep Germs Out of Their Bodies

    It’s that time of year again, you send your kiddos off to school and they could come back with the sniffles or the tummy bug. You can’t keep your children from getting sick, but you can teach them how to take preventive measures to keep them as healthy as possible. We here at Illumination Learning Studios have outlined a few fun learning activities you can do with your child to teach them how to keep germs out of their bodies (or share their germs with friends).

    Activity #1: The T Zone

    The T Zone is where germs enter your body. Have your child make the letter “T” with their two pointer fingers (one goes across their eyes and the other goes down over their nose and mouth). Explain when put their fingers in their eyes, noses, and mouths they’re making it easier for germs to enter their bodies.

    Activity #2: How Germs Travel Science Experiment

    Put glitter and hand sanitizer on your palms. Pretend to sneeze and show your child what comes out when they sneeze (germs). Then, pick up different items and hand them to your child, the glitter germs will transfer from your hands to the item touched and to the hands of your child. Let your child try that with you.  Show your child other ways to catch their sneezes so they do not transfer any germs to their friends. One example is a “cough pocket” which is sneezing or coughing into their elbow instead of their hands.

    Activity #3: Handwashing Fun

    Let’s get rid of those germs by washing our hands properly, by singing a song to the tune of Where is Thumbkin, that reminds them where to wash. “Tops and Bottoms, Tops and Bottoms; in between, (the fingers) in between; scrub them scrub them scrub them, scrub them scrub them scrub them; get them clean, get them clean.” Teach your child to go just past their wrists when scrubbing.

    Help Your Kids Establish Healthy Habits

    Keeping your children healthy starts with establishing good habits early on. Use these activities above to provide a fun interactive way for your kids to learn about keeping germs out of their body.

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