Trick or Treat, Bag of Sweets, ILS Halloween Learning Sheet

October 17, 2019

There are a lot of scary things out there on Halloween night: witches, werewolves, Avengers. Wow! For parents, candy can be one of the scariest, simply because there is so much of it. Whether you cope by having a strict no-sugar policy or shrug your shoulders and say “let the good times roll for one night,” we understand and honor your choice. But as always, we here at Illumination Learning Studios like to sprinkle a bit of learning into the brew. We hope these simple ideas will help you cope with candy while enchanting your preschooler with learning!

Monster Math (Counting and Sorting)

After trick-or-treating, dump out all of the sugary deliciousness on the floor or counter, and let the fun begin!

  1. Have your child sort by different kinds of candy. (Think names of candy bars, gum, chocolate, hard candies, and other treats.)
  2. Count how many in each category your child has.
  3. Count how many candies your child has all together.
  4. Play the fun “Number sentence game.”

“If you have 5 Snickers and give Mommy 2 Snickers, how many Snickers do you have left?”

“If you have 3 bags of M&Ms and Daddy gives you 3 more, how many bags of M&Ms do you have all together?”

Social Skills (Sharing)

Family members all have their favorite candy. Sort and give the favorites to the individual family members. Have your child pick out 5 of their favorite pieces (or however many you would like your child to have). Then, donate the rest to our men and women in the Armed Services. It’s easy to do and so appreciated. Here are two organizations that accept not only Halloween candy, but also letters and artwork. Check out their donation guidelines and deadlines. You’ll make a soldier’s day!

Operation Gratitude

Soldiers’ Angels


Include with the candy a letter to the troops, thanking them for their service. Make it a family project.


Have your children draw pictures of them in their costumes to send with the Halloween candy.

A Final Halloween Warning

Too much candy is bad for your child’s teeth and health. Remember, everything in moderation and extra brushing and flossing before bedtime.